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12/2 thru 12/8/2019

Janien Valentine & Murry “The Magician” Sawchuck

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11/25 thru 12/1/2019

Joan Schaumburg & Doug Schaumburg

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11/18 thru 11/24/2019

Cindy Joseph & Chuck Simmons

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11/11 thru 11/17/2019

Pat Lindberg & Art Lindberg

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11/4 thru 11/10/19
Linda Cusick &
Don Walsh

10/28 thru 11/3/19 Sheila Gillis &
Paul Gillis
10/21 thru 10/27/19 Jazzin’ Jeanne Brie & Enoch Augustus Scott

10/14 thru 10/20/19
Lenora Soteros
& Steve Soteros

10/7 thru 10/13/2019 Chris Alvarez
& Scott Vivier

9/30 thru 10/6/2019
Phil Mastrelli
& Laura Lee

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9/23 thru 9/29/2019
Michelle Johnson &
Dianne Davis

9/16 thru10/22/2019
Sue Simecka &
Jim Valkenburg

9/9 thru 9/15/2019 Kelly Vohnn &
Guy Richards

9/2 – 9/8/2019
Gail Beckman
& Bill Beckman

8/26 – 9/1/2019
Karla Rehm &amp
Torey Crum
8/19 – 8/25/2019 Sandie Durgin & Steven Holmstrom

SCA-TV is an all-volunteer service group of Sun City Anthem residents dedicated to our community as we bring you programming that is both entertaining and informational.

This is your digital source for all things Sun City Anthem TV! Here you can view Anthem Alive, as well as other programs related to the lifestyle here at Sun City Anthem, Henderson, NV.

Sun City Anthem Television (SCA-TV) is broadcast throughout the Sun City Anthem area on Cox Cable. You can view SCA-TV programs on your TV on Cox Cable channel 1960. Please check your Spirit magazine for the Sun City Anthem Television broadcast schedule. And if you don’t have Cox Cable, you can view SCA-TV content right here on the internet!

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